Grandpa Finds Out Grandbaby is His First Grandson – Watch His Reaction

This is a heartwarming story about a daughter who pranks her dad into thinking he has another granddaughter, then tells him the truth. His reaction is both funny and heartwarming.

Getting a new grandkid can be the best feeling in the world–most grandparents will tell you it’s all the fun of having kids without all the worries.

This grandpa went viral all around the internet after he learned that he is becoming a grandpa to a grandson. Well, after a whole line of granddaughters, the grandpa finally got to meet a grandson. We are not talking about genders here though, it’s all about happiness.

This grandpa got so emotional yet so happy and excited when he saw his grandson for the first time. The happiness and the excitement are both obvious and we can tell exactly why this man had a reaction as such. This is possibly the cutest video on the internet.

You will love this for sure. Watch the full video below!

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