Grandfather Can’t Hide His Emotion After Opening a Mysterious Envelope From His Daughter.

A new addition in the family brings a tremendous amount of happiness. Now your children are all grown up, and they get to experience the same joy.

The news is significant to grandparents even more, as they have successfully nurtured a happy family. In the clip below, a family hides pregnancy new for three months from their grandfather. When they meet him, he gets an envelope. His initial thoughts are he is getting a birthday card. But little did he know that is was more than just a regular greeting card.

When the biker Santa opens the envelope and finds a sonograph of twins. The reaction that follows is priceless, and he gets weak in his knees. And he can hardly breathe, all the response to the joyous moment. How was your reaction after finding your granddaughter was pregnant? Please share them in the comment section.

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