10 Fantastic Hacks From Our Grandmas That Still Work

“Hacks,” or ways to do something that we may not have thought of or known about, have become a popular topic on the internet. Here’s ten hacks your grandmother probably knew but may have been forgotten over the years.

  1. To get rid of the charred on the bottom of a pan. Fill the pot with a generous amount of water and salt. Boil for 20 minutes and the burnt part will come right off.hack number one

  2. To fix any dried-up nail polish. Just add few drops of nail polish remover.hack number two

  3. In order to achieve beautiful eggs without any crack, use salt in the boiling water then place your eggs gently.

  4. If your child is learning to write their first words. Help them achieve better results by tying a rubber band around their wrists and on the top third of the pencil.

  5. To avoid wilting your rose after such hardship of planting them. Just dissolve half an aspirin in some water and add to the vase. This trick works on other flowers like chrysanthemums, and gladioli.

  6. If you have a nasty bug bite, soothe the itching by rubbing half of a potato on the inflammation.

  7. If you get a stain on your clothes just run to the kitchen and add salt to the area. The salt will soak up the stain in minutes.

  8. To navigate the surrounding with your wristwatch, turn your hour clock towards the sun, split the angle by half. The line in between points to the South.

  9. While cutting many vitamins enriched vegetables you may end up with stain. Remove them by using lemon on the stained hands.grandma hack

  10. If you enjoy nice slices of bread then warm your knife right before getting into the loaf. You will end up with finely sliced pieces.

If you enjoy the hacks, kindly share them with your friends and family.