Airline Rejects Letting Dad & Newborn on Plane So Widow Says ‘I’m Going to Take You Home With Me’

The parents who have just entered parenthood experience a lot of joy and happiness. But imagine having to part away from your precious child only after several days of birth. I cannot imagine the pain that they go through. The man in the video goes through a similar experience, but luckily a kind lady aids him in time.

Dad takes his newborn baby girl tries to fly away from Pheonix airport. Since he won the sole custody of the baby, he couldn’t wait to take her home. Sadly, he wasn’t allowed to take the newborn with him because he needed to show proof of her age. And only after she is seven days old, she can fly. It became a matter of great dilemma for the dad because he now has to stay at the airport for several days. He was, in fact, in a very sorrowful stage and didn’t know what to do. But right when he thought there’s nothing he can do, this kind grandma steps comes to his aid.

The senior citizen immediately decides against taking both of them to her home. She knew the child’s father has a kind heart. Amazing lady shows immense compassion towards him during the time of need. During a time of need, she came into her life as an angel. And dad will never forget her gratitude during the time of utmost urgency.

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