Man Caught Red Handed Stealing Flowers From a Child’s Grave. Watch What He Has to Say in His Defense

Stealing is wrong and illegal on its own. But when people start stealing off a grave, it’s both disrespectful and insensible. People with so much love and gratitude bring flowers at someone’s funeral and show their respect. Yet, some people steal those flowers for reasons we don’t understand.

It was a similar case with Jacob and Tashanna Armstrong. They lost their son at birth. They buried him at a grave in Oklahoma. His grave was filled with flowers, tiny toys, and pinwheels. They kept it there as a token of their love for their deceased son. But after every visit to the cemetery, they noticed something unusual. They noticed that some flowers were missing. And along with it, the pinwheel.

cemetery thief

The couple grew suspicious and wanted to know what was going on. So, they decided to put a hidden camera on their son’s grave. “This pinwheel doesn’t mean a whole lot to the next person, but it does mean a lot to the person who placed it there,” says Tashanna when asked about the incident.

Upon checking the footage, they find out that an elderly and a woman are the culprits. Since they live nearby, it was easier to track them down. When they approach the cemetery thief, he says he’s not sure why he did that. And he apologizes to the Armstrongs for what he did.WATCH the whole “cemetery thief” story below.

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