It Looks Like a Normal Car but Pay Close Attention to the Front

Police officers have to put their lives in danger every second of their duty to keep us, the civilians, safe. Hence, a little help can go a far way. And with the progress in science and technology.

We have witnessed remarkable police and military inventions that help to stop any speeding vehicles. Like, Elkosta Wedge Barrier K12 or Net Barrie and the very trustworthy Grappler. All of these devices have been perfected over the year to get the most out of it.

However, that’s no all the concern. Making an effort to stop a moving car or truck happens out in the open, which can pose a threat to any other vehicle on the street. Keeping that in mind, the officers work on these techniques day and night. Some just prove to be handy.

We all know about the Grappler, but today we get a chance to see it’s in motion. The Phoenix police had to think quickly when they were aware of a possible kidnap. Therefore, they brought the big guns during a car chase. The offenders’ vehicle gets trapped under the Grappler, making it unable to move around. Furthermore, they stop possible crimes. Please share your afterthoughts in the feed.

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