Fraudster Messes With Wrong 73-Yr-Old But Realizes It Too Late

This story is here to show you how most people tend to underestimate people based on their age. However, only those who are young are not supposed to be the smartest. No matter how old you are, you can never outsmart an already smart person and this is something everyone must keep in mind. At all times!

Jean, a 73-year-old grandmother from Long Island, received a call from a fraudster posing as her grandson; nevertheless, the woman was aware of the fraudster’s fraudulent intentions and played along with him.

The woman’s “grandson” called on a lovely Thursday morning to break the news that he’d been arrested for DUI. The grandmother knew the con artist couldn’t reach her because there was no way her grandchildren, who are also much too young, decided to miraculously earn some driving licenses over the weekend.

The thief, convinced of his own greatness, requested the woman for a staggering $8,000 to aid and bail him out of jail. Without a doubt, Jean had already concocted a devious scheme and was taking the initiative to bring in the con artist. She consented to a meeting with the bail bondsman and informed him that he could retrieve the bond money from her residence.

Cops arresting con artist

Some time later, the alleged bondsman showed up at the woman’s house to collect the agreed-upon funds, but he had no idea that the police were also waiting outside to confront and apprehend the thief. Once the man rang the doorbell, he hurriedly retrieved the packet containing the paper towels that he thought was cash.

A team of policemen sprang into action as soon as they saw the offender start down the stairs, bringing him to the ground and preventing him from making a quick getaway.
A 28-year-old guy was identified as the suspect and arrested; he was later charged with third-degree attempted grand larceny.

So satisfying. Watch the full video below!

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