Dancing Grandma Shuts Down Mall Store With Her Funky Moves

Music makes us move and groove. Regardless of the place and time, when our favorite jam is on, we move our body or just the feet side to side. If it’s a club, we break all the boundaries and get down for the power dance. Then a question remains. Will we have the same groove in our bodies as we grow old?

Well, the answer is definitely yes, especially if you enjoy dancing. Chances are, you are going to enjoy it even when you grow old. Moreover, I have the carefreeness in old people. It’s just so refreshing, given the tension I carry about every non-sensical thing in my life. Take this star from the video, for example. While people were busy getting on with their shopping.

One groovy elderly woman turned the shopping mall into her dance floor. The R&B hit “Too Good” by Drake comes on the speaker, and the woman begins dancing with a huge smile. At one point, she hangs her cane on the check-out counter and the purse down. She then continues to enjoy the dance with a stranger who gets on with the same energy level. From my point of view, the only bad thing about this clip is that it ends.

Please press play and enjoy this clip.

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