80-year-old Blows Everyone Away When She Comes Onstage & Sings This in Front of the Crowd

There are certain timeless songs in the industry that can put any vocal prowess to the test. Entertaining few individuals or singing in the shower is not a big deal.  The real challenge is accomplishing these songs out in the open. In front of a large audience, demands a voice that goes with it.

One of such fantastic folk songs is “No Regrets” by Tom Rush. The singer/songwriter released the song as the final number in “The Circle Game”. Ever many renowned singers have tried to add their spin on the originals version. The famous ones by far are “The Walker Brothers” and Edith Piaf’s French and English covers. 

One another person who excelled in the musical number is an eight-year-old contestant, Janey. The elderly woman appeared in Britain’s Got Talent, 2010, two years prior to her unfortunate demise. Jane was escorted with the help of two hosts given her age. And the judge, Simon, had to repeat his questions few times. But who is counting? Let’s get to the singing. The minute she gets on her first few lines, the applause comes roaring in favor of Jane. The woman surely had an outstanding quality to her voice.

Please press play and enjoy this unique cover song.

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