Onlookers Film in Horror as Man Risks Being Arrested and Smashes Window to Save Dog Trapped

It’s never a good idea to go snooping around someone’s car. The very least break its window. But  Mark Lewis, from Ontario, Canada, has his reason for smashing a big rock on a Black BMW. The vehicle was parked at the Grand Bend festival in Ontario, facing direct sunlight.

It was the month of June, with 90 degrees temperature scale. Now imagine what was going on inside a black car with its window pulled all the way up. And the interiors were also black-themed leather. Leaving anyone inside such extreme conditions is a terrible idea. However, this didn’t stop the owner from leaving their adorable white canine unsupervised for hours.

The people circling back and forth around the car felt helpless, seeing the dog inside suffering. But breaking the window was obviously not the initial thought. They made a public announcement to the owner of the car. The group waited for the owners to never showed up. Hence after few other methods that didn’t work. Mark picked up a giant stone to break the class. After multiple tries, he finally got in and saved the little guy.

Please press play and watch how he saved the little one.

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