Family Suspects Great Grandmother is Being Abused in Her Care Home – Hide a Camera to Find Out

Once we start getting old, supervising care is necessary. Hence, nursing homes are the perfect solution.

However, one doesn’t speculate maltreatment on such a foundation. The clip below is enough to break that belief system. A camera in an elderly’s room unfolds a series of physical and verbal abuse.

Criminal Care Caught on Camera 7-12 screenshot

In another story, Glen Frausto files a lawsuit. After, his mother died of negligence in a preventable bed-infection. Furthermore, Cornie Horsley’s family takes legal action due to a similar incident. In short, it is better to get a nurse than to let your vulnerable parents out of sight. Don’t forget to jot your thoughts on the matter.

Please share the video to spread awareness. The parents who acted as a shield for you are struggling to survive.