When a Kroger cashier observed a grandmother scam in action and intervened, she saved the day!

Gift cards are meant to buy gifts, not used to make payments.  They’re popular with scammers, however, because they’re easier to find and buy, and they offer fewer safeguards. This article shares a similar story of a grandmother in the vicinity of getting scammed.

Shelly Yost, a Kroger store cashier, was working when an elderly woman approached her, attempting to purchase $2000 in iTunes gift cards. Shelly was intrigued by the transaction and inquired as to why the elderly lady was purchasing so many gift cards.

The mother explained that she had received a call from her granddaughter, who was in jail with a broken nose, and that she needed to give the police the cards to bail her out. The grandmother refused to believe it even after Shelly told her it was a hoax.

Thankfully, this old woman was saved from getting scammed as police from Sylvania arrived and calmed the woman down. They even contacted her family, who assured her that her grandchild was in good hands. Watch this video below and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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