Cockatoo spots a huge thunderstorm in a distance, but pay attention to his next words

Cockatoos are some of the most adorable birds in the world. But don’t be fooled by their looks. They’re not all beauty and no brains—they can be really smarter than you think. They can imitate sounds and even have a proper conversation with you! The cockatoo in the following video is sure to steal your heart with his adorable chirps and talks—just check out his hilarious antics!

This video features a pretty Moluccan cockatoo called Gotcha. His mom had taken him out to the porch to watch a thunderstorm approaching them. According to his mom, when he saw that distant sight, he had a lot say about it and got quite worked up. He starts talking and shows no signs of stopping! But his adorable dialogues will crack you up for sure! He’s so adorable and witty and you can’t help but fall in love with him!

He talks with his mom and keeps on saying “I gotcha”. Isn’t that just too sweet? It was really nice of her to talk to him gently, reminding him to talk in a low voice if he ever got a little too excited. She really knows how to handle this hyper little bird. Who wouldn’t love such a comforting companion, especially during such a rough and scary time like a thunderstorm?

Even if you’re not really into birds, this one will certainly melt your heart with his adorable antics!

Check out this amazing video below:

[ytvid id= “RTQVqw5G7UA”]

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