They Thought It Was a Stuffed Toy but Watch When They Give It Some Berries

Monkeys are one of the very few animals who enjoy munching on snacks time and again. Thanks to many explorers. We have realized that their menu has a wide variety of food items than just bananas.

One another evidence of their food choice comes all the way from the clip that went viral in the media. The star of the show is a golden snub-nosed monkey. At first glance, they resemble almost like a stuffed toy. With vibrant furs and cute facial structures, these animals live as high as 13,123 feet in altitude. Golden Snub-nosed monkeys are the inhabitants of the Tibetan Plateau in Southwestern China.

The thick fur has a purpose other than making them really huggable. Living at such a high altitude is impossible without the thick cover. Furthermore, these animals spend months in the snow. For an animal whose diet is highly plant-based, berries seem to be a special treat among them. In the clip below, the monkey chows down one after the other as long as they keep coming his way.

Please press play and enjoy the video below.

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