When you live half of your life being the only pet. Hence, a new addition to the family is hard to accept.

Likewise, in the clip below, a family owns a golden retriever. The big fluffy Bailey loves its folks. However, the owner decides to extend their household with a kitten. They name it Simon, and the feline friend is just adorable.

Golden Retriever Meets New Baby Kitten for the First Time! 1-24 screenshot

Initially, Bailey refuses to acknowledge the presence of Simon. Furthermore, when the father calls around. He even takes an elongated route on the sofa to get his love. The canine companion is clearly not happy with the new inclusion. At one point, Simon hisses after Bailey barks at the poor cat. At least that’s a start. I hope they are normal now. Did you perform such an experiment? Please don’t part without sharing them.

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