Little Girl of Deaf Parents Delightfully Signs During Kindergarten Holiday Concert

We don’t always think about the needs of people who are different than us. This includes people with disabilities. Although our society is trying to be more inclusive by adding ramps for wheelchairs and assistance in traffic signals, there is still a long way to go. However, children like this are slowly but surely, changing the world for good.

When parents go to their children’s school events, they love to see their kids performing. However, for these parents, it was impossible. Their daughter was in a group performing holiday songs like “Jingle Bells” as part of a kindergarten holiday concert. But they couldn’t get the full experience as they are both deaf.

koda performance

But this didn’t stop the little girl from ensuring that her parents enjoy the concert as much as everyone else in the room. Being a kid of deaf adults, she knew sign language. The adorable child signed the whole performance to her parents. Furthermore, she forwent the hand dances that all her friends were doing so that she could sign. The parents must have been beaming with pride. Watch the full concert performance below:

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