Touching Moment Little Girl Sings ‘You Are My Sunshine’ To Her Dying Cat

Regardless of age, whether young or old, cat lovers’ affection for their feline family runs deep. And then our furbabies are all grown up, and it gives us comfort when they go away. Abby Merryn was only four years old, but when it came to saying goodbye to her cat friend, Bailey.

Abby, a 4-year-old, has always been together with her cat, Bailey. For fourteen years, Bailey had been a beloved member of the family. Abby is especially attached to the cat, and the two formed a unique connection.


On Instagram, Erin shared, “He was one in a million who allowed two little girls to give him baths, feed him in high chairs, push him strollers, dress him up, put fake makeup on him, rock him in cradles, sit at a table while they fed him plastic food, sleep with them at nap time and bedtime, among many other things.

Abby loves singing and reading to her tabby cat, even though she claims she hates it. Even more amazingly, Bailey has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of words.


By the time he was 14, Bailey’s kidneys were failing, meaning he would soon cross the Rainbow Bridge. The sweet child gave Bailey to him, singing the song “You Are My Sunshine.

Make sure you have your tissue in hand cause it’s gonna be a teary ride.

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