Cautiously, Dog Tries to Steal Sandwich From Sleeping Toddler Without Waking Him Up

Would your pet take your food if you held it in your hand long enough? Or would they have to wait for a signal? This is a question I’ve always had. And now I have the answer in the form of this sweet and adorable video.

This toddler falls asleep while eating his sandwich. So, he bumps into the couch holding food in his hand. He’s probably no longer interested in the sandwich. Or perhaps you saved it for later.

Dog Tries to Steal Sandwich From Sleeping Toddler

But his four-legged brother has other plans. He approaches the toddler with caution and eats the sandwich from his hand. Mom walks into the room as Juki begins nibbling bits of the baby’s uneaten sandwich off of her hand. When Juki saw the sandwich, he was in a panic and ran out of the room as quickly as he could.

Watch the full video here:

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