People tend to do a lot of stupid things when they’re intoxicated. Getting high on illegal drugs is a different thing. But when people are high on legal drugs like an anesthetic drug, they become the funniest. Doctors use anesthetic drugs to control a specific situation in a patient. It gives then a temporary loss of awareness or sensation.

Most people don’t know what is happening around them when they’re on anesthetic drugs. And they end up doing hilarious things, just like the girl in the video. A teenager was brought into a hospital after she broke her arm. So, the doctors gave her anesthetic drugs, and she was unconscious. And, she ends up proposing to the male nurse sitting by her side.

The nurse that the girl calls Luke holds the teenager’s hand as she keeps repeating, “I love you.” She tells Luke that she wants to get married in a Chapel in Las Vegas. The nurse looks awkward. However, he handles her in a very calm manner.

He laughs it off every time the teenager says, “I love you.” She even tells Luke that she’ll be the most beautiful bride he’ll ever see. She further plans her wedding with Luke, saying that she’ll wear a blue dress and want Luke to wear a blue tuxedo. WATCH the hilarious proposal below.

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