Audrey Nethery is a little girl from Louisville, KY. This little one loves dancing. She is also very talented. However, she is suffering from a rare disease called Diamond Blackfan Anaemia.

Regardless of her disease, she dances and does everything she needs to fulfill her dreams as a dancer. Audrey’s mother, Haise, acknowledges her daughter’s potential all the time. She even uploaded several videos of her daughter doing the Zumba dance routine. The routine was so impressive that the members of the Zumba dance community invited the little girl to their show.

Nowadays, Audrey is taking a break from Zumba to focus on other activities. Whatsoever, her passion to dance and perform Zumba routines is never-ending. Likewise, her parents are also raising some money to raise awareness for victims of Diamond Blackfan Anaemia.

Hopefully, this cutie will continue keeping her spirits up. She sure has a great future ahead! Watch the full video below!

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