13-Yr-Old Boy Has Judges Jumping Out of Their Seats With This Celine Dion Classic

When we think of the titanic classic, we think of the famous song from the very talented singer, “Celine Dione.” Ordinarily, I have only come across powerful female voices covering the song.

A 13-year-old’s perfect rendition of “My Heart Will Go On” had judges of The Voice jumping on their seats.

The vocally challenging notes surely need a confident voice to emulate the charm of the romantic song. And coming from a 13-year-old can be surprising for anyone and everyone who hears it.

Abu Rahman not only chose the ballad in his performance in “The Voice Kids, Belgium” but excelled while singing it out on top of his lungs.

Abu was merely into the seconds of the song when all three judges slammed the buttons only to be awestruck with the presence of a young boy. Initially, he appears shy. Once he hits the second line, his vocal quality is undeniably amazing.

The judges’ face shows a clear sign of surprise and instant approval. Sean even climbs out of his chair, cross-legged on the floor mesmerized with the note Abu picks up as the song progresses.

From goosebumps to joys of tears, Abu deserves all the praise coming his way after the performance. Don’t you think? Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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