Dog Hilariously Complains When a Flute Interrupts His Nap

Dogs are one of the best animals ever, but sometimes they can be a little, shall we say, iritable. This video has a hilarious example of a dog who, because of his reaction to his owner, has been dubbed “grumpy dog” on the internet once the clip went viral.

Grumpy Dog looks like he’s part golden retriever, which is a little out of character for that breed since they are known to be very sweet. But it’s possible he was just tired and didn’t like someone interrupting. Or maybe we’re all just misinterpreting what’s happening–maybe he’s trying to sing along?

In the video, we see a girl who is trying to practice the flute. At first we hear a strange noise and can’t really place it, but when the girls starts smiling it becomes obvious that it’s the dog.

She tries to keep going but Grumpy Dog won’t let her–his howls persist–and pretty soon she dissolves in laughter. And I’m pretty sure you will too! Watch the video clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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