This cute doggo is the girl’s best friend, watch as she adorably tucks him to bed

It’s true when they say dogs are humans best friend. They share an extraordinary bond with kids as they have a playful relationship with each other. Therefore, if you feel your baby is getting lonely, get a dog. Your kid will share a wonderful relationship with this cheerful animal.

In this video, a cute baby named Adalyn is tucking her best friend/ bodyguard to sleep. This 100-pound blue nose pitbull is another guardian to the little girl. He protects her from loneliness and other animals while she loves her dog and cares unconditionally for him!

Also, Adalyn has an inseparable attachment to the dog. If the pit bull is not by her side, she refuses to sleep. She was terrified of the earthquake that has recently hit Alaska. The 7.0 quake was enough to startle her. Therefore, to reduce her anxiety and stress, the dog keeps her company.

Although the dog usually sleeps on the floor, this particular night, she calls him up. She feels safe and happy, cuddling her best friend. Aww!

Watch this video below: 

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