Poor doggo chained for 10 years, her rescue mission is heartwarming

Dogs are social animals. They love befriending everyone! That is why they need constant interaction with humans and other animals. But sadly, the dog in the video below lived in isolation for 10 long years. To make matters worse, her owners gave her nothing but dirty water and food. She had no blankets, toys, or even a bone.

She had no roof over her head. She had to endure harsh weathers out in the open. Her owners were even caught urinating on her from the porch. The British Columbia SPCA were informed about her condition since the past ten years, but they didn’t do anything to help her. That’s when Animal Advocates of British Columbia stepped in to rescue the poor thing. She had matted fur, was covered in feces and urine, and could barely walk because of her aching hips. They gave her medical treatment and helped change her life. She has now been adopted by a loving family.

Watch her story below:

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