7-year-old was severely bullied, then these bikers show up to protect her

Bullying is a serious issue that children have to deal with. It can be traumatizing to them, and they can carry around that trauma for the rest of their lives. 7-year-old Ashley was severely bullied by another kid from her neighborhood. It had become so bad that she had become afraid of going outside to play. That is when her mom set up an anti-bullying Facebook page.

A group of bikers came across that page. They immediately wanted to help her. So they showed up at her house and formed a huge gathering to support her. They wanted her to know that she was loved and that they had her back. It was also a way to send a message to the bully, who lived nearby. Ashley seems much happier now, with all her biker friends.

Watch the video here. Did this video touch your heart?

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