Dog Faking Broken Leg Caught On Camera, Scams Tourists Into Giving Him Treats

A clever dog called Gae has succeeded in pulling the same old trick on humans to get food from them. The cunny canine hangs around the same areas daily, fakes broken leg to get things from unsuspected visitors in Bangkok, Thailand It drags his back left leg along when he needs food. Once he is able to pull a crowd around him and gets what he wants, he bounds back on his feet and cart away. The footage of the dog prank went viral this month.

Thaweeporn Chongplapolkul was one of its first victim who got tricked by the dog. He had once fed it with rice. He narrated that the locals also feed it but the crafty dog still fakes broken leg to ask for extra food whenever it sees new faces around. She has also had to personally inspect perhaps, there is an issue with it. The leg appears to be healthy.

So, on a fateful day, Gae was recorded by a motorcyclist who was driving by and saw it dragging his leg. The man got off his bike to help Gae and out of the blue, Gae got up and began walking well. It gave him a bold smile and walked away. “At last, I got what I wanted” it must have thought to itself while walking away

The video is both funny and thought-provoking. It will get you curious about the development of dogs’ IQ.

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