Foster Kitten Tries to Feed with New Family – Will Mama Allow It?

While animal mothers are very protective toward their own young, they aren’t always receptive to outsiders. Find out what happens below when a new foster kitty tries to get something to eat from a new mama cat.

Mamo cat Joanna had recently had kittens and was still nursing when her owner adopted a new ginger rescue kitten. The owner first introduced the Ginger to her siblings-to-be so that the might accept her as one of their litter, which the eventually did.

But when Ginger is introduced to Joanna, she knows he smells foreign and immediately rejects him by growling and hissing. Little Ginger didn’t take no for an answer, but Joanna was insistent.

Once feeding time arrived and the rest of the family went to nurse, little Ginger kitty tried to follow along.  Watch how he approaches Joanna and see what it takes to win her over.

Honestly, this is too cute and heartwarming. Watch the full video below and tell us in the comments if you have a similar cat story.

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