Dog Wants To Be Adopted, So She Starts Dancing Every Time Someone Walks Past Her Cage

Dogs are truly a gift. I don’t what humans did as a race to deserve these four-legged angels, but I am glad they are by our side. Dogs are known for their faithfulness. They are loving and affectionate, and very well might be the most loyal animals on the face of the planet. They are also very entertaining. You might be down in the dumps, but they can lift up your spirits in a matter of seconds no matter what. To sum it up, they are the best company you could ever hope for.

Each and every dog out there deserves love, but unfortunately, not all dogs are lucky in that regard. Many of them get tossed out into the streets by their own family members. They end up struggling for survival, without anyone to care or look after them. Even when they are taken into shelters, they don’t usually come out alive – especially, if the shelters are high-kill ones. The video below features a dog that might have gone through something like this if it wasn’t for her precious dance moves.

Meet Ginger Rogers. This special little girl managed to win hearts at the shelter because of her routines. Whenever she saw someone passing by her cage, she started dancing. According to Orange County Animal Services, Ginger got adopted, and a bit of the credit goes to this sweet dance you will see in the video below. Check it out and share what you think in the comments!

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