Sleepy Horse Is Snoring Away To Glory, Owner Records The Funny Moment On Time!

Although horses generally sleep while standing up, they require REM sleep as well. If you own a horse, you may have noticed their unusual sleeping pattern. Horses also prefer having buddies who can watch over them as they are sleeping. One horse watches the other as they are sleeping aww!

Also, horses have an instinct to sleep in the wild. But unlike us humans, they require less amount of rem sleep in a day. You can tell your horse is in a ‘deep sleep’ if they are laying down. Interestingly, horses only have a few minutes of REM sleep a day. They are probably dreaming of running wildly on the farm!

In this video, the horse is snoring as he is experiencing his REM sleep. He looks well-fed and is happily basking in the sun. Even if his snoring might sound scary, he peacefully relaxes in open field.

If you want to know if your horse has had enough sleep, there’s a simple way to figure it out. Notice the shavings around the belly. If he has the shavings, that’s a great sign. But if it doesn’t have, well your horse may not be sleeping correctly.

Watch this video below: 

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