Giant Maine Coon Cat Is Over 3 Feet Tall And Cat Lovers Are Obsessed With Him

From the beginning of time, humans have domesticated animals for various reasons. Therefore, we have pets of all shapes and sizes, from a tiny squirrel to untameable lions.

No matter what one chooses, they love their pets with all their heart. So, playing with or tricking them is not unusual. In the clip below, two cats are playing curiously with a butterfly toy. One of them named Lotus is the Maine Coon breed. They are the largest cats to be domesticated.

Even though they are big with fuzzy hair and long ears, they are very tender. Hence, the nickname gentle giant. Both of the animals are having fun with the motorized butterfly. Lotus seems to nibble on it and let it free within seconds. Chivaz looks more interested in watching the plaything. Don’t forget to share the pictures and memorable moments with your pets.

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