Garbage Man Emptied His Life’s Savings To Help The Homeless. His Story Is So Inspirational!

Some think that taking jobs such as a garbage collector is a  last resort choice. However, that could not be further from the truth. If it were not for people who manage waste, cities would be overflowing with pollution and dirt. But for this sanitation worker from Maryland, he found his true calling while he was going through one of his job routes!

Arnold Harvey has been working in the field of sanitation and waste collection for 25 years. And he loves his job! During his daily runs, he noticed that people were sleeping by the trash cans and searching for food in the waste. So, together with his wife, he came up with a plan to help the people in need. Moreover, they even took out their full 401(k) for their project.

garbage man finds his calling

First, he started with whatever he could gather, such as sandwiches and blankets. He made them into a “Love Bag” to give to whomever he met while on the job. Now, their organization, God’s Connection Transition, provides service to about 5000 families each month. Furthermore, he even offers skill training for the homeless so that they can get out of the situation on their own. Watch the selfless man’s story below:

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