His Daughter is Missing, So He Asks Homeless Man for Help and Gets a Shocking Response

The road to homelessness is a winding one. For the vast majority of those who lose their housing, the situation comes as a major shock. The shock of starting out in street corners, then moving to sofas, then hotels are almost debilitating. For those who have never experienced homelessness, the concept is completely foreign, and the visualization is simply beyond their capability.

You see the world as though you were looking at it with your naked eyes, you have a sense of respect and kindness to everybody and everything. And even though, they are the ones holding the cardboard for some pennies, they will not skip any moments when it’s their turn to be the bigger person.

Homeless man helps Joel

The goal of this video was to see what kind of response we’d get when someone asked for our help. After making a name for himself on YouTube, Johal set out to perform this experiment. To draw attention to a loved one who had gone missing, he used a cleverly hidden sign with the picture of a little girl to ask if the homeless man had seen him. My first thought was that he would turn down the request and walk away. However, the homeless man does something far beyond what would be expected.

He requested permission to hold on to the copy and wait for his daughter. In the event that he happens to locate her, he will telephone from the nearest payphone located down the street. But this is just the beginning. You must see it for yourself to appreciate how it plays out. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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