Mom Asked Some Noisy Teens to Keep It Down and Gets This Note in Return

Randi Jo Amt is a mother and a housewife. She had been having a tough time financially and as a mother. This is when a group of teenagers started disturbing the quiet of the place she was staying in.

The hotel room had lots of noises and some very taunting sounds. The teenagers seemed to be very inconsiderate regarding their neighbor’s peace. Randi had been going through some crisis and could not take all the noises. The teenagers had started to get on her nerves. So, she went and told them that they were disturbing her and her kids were not able to sleep.

The tired mother was as polite to them as she possibly could be. The boy who opened the door apologized for her annoyance and even acknowledged her house problems. To Randi’s surprise, she received a note of apology and some dollars at her door after the teenagers who were apparently the members of Future Farmers of America.

The act of kindness did not stop here, Randi decided to help the needy people with the amount she was gifted. She even wrote a heartwarming status of Facebook. Read the full story below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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