88-year-old Grandma Busts a Move and Steals Internet’s Heart

The dangerous pandemic is taking a toll on us, both physically and mentally. We all are coping with the stress in different ways. Cause staying home all day long is not easy, but it is a necessity.

Hence, we are indulging in new hobbies, finishing the books we wanted to read. Similarly to the lovely grandma in the video. She is not just abiding by the safety protocol but doing it in style.


88-year-old granny Ruth Rudd is turning into an internet sensation. All thanks to the lovely granddaughters who initiated Ruth to take this step. Now her Tik-Tok videos are not just entertaining her viewers. It is also teaching us an important lesson to stay home and find peace. I hope you enjoy the slick moves. Do share the hobbies that help you keep busy during this quarantine.

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