New Zealand Cops Step on Stage With Hip-hop Moves That Completely Stun the Audience

There is no shortage of talents if you just have the will to let it out and flourish in the open. And most of the time, creativity comes from the least expected place. Similarly to the New Zealand police officers, they not only went viral for their unique creation.

They took it upon themselves to challenge the cops around the world for a dance-off. Now, they are here with a new video. The clip even has a cliche yet fun start. Moreover, the song choice “Sound of da police” fits perfectly with the introduction phase. The charm is extra as being on the Hip Hop Unite New Zealand National Championship.

The growth is visible on the stage from the initial video to a national championship. On top of the improvement, they added the entertaining “Carlton dance.” The tune and steps make you want to jump on the floor and dance along. The team makes sure that each and everyone to showcase their slick moves in the spotlight.

The performance gets energetic with every other song. And they receive a standing ovation from the audiences. What an exceptional and fun dance performance. I hope you danced along like me. Did you like it? Please share your opinion on the feed.

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