Hero Truckie Who Went Viral After Stopping Robbery Has Left Tv Hosts in Stitches, Again

In my opinion, the biggest thing you can do as an individual is to make this world a better place. This doesn’t mean giving up your life and volunteering in a non-profit. It can be taking care of the environment or even a small act of kindness. But this man did something that has made him a superstar in his locale!

Turawaho Hemopo is a New Zealander with native Polynesian roots. He came to Australia a while back and had been working as a truck driver ever since. Moreover, he has been in the limelight lately for putting a criminal in jail with one single move! Additionally, he even gets an invite in the Today Show for his bravery and never-ending humor.

trukkie kiwi hero

As the tape rolls, you can see two robbers in hoodies break the glass of the pharmacy early in the morning. As they are getting out, Mr. T is standing there, examining the situation. One of the teens runs ahead, but the hero manages to tackle him to the ground. Furthermore, the Queensland resident also gives the teen thief life advice as he waits for the police! Mr. T’s first interview went viral, and this second take isn’t far behind. Even the host can’t stop laughing! Watch it below:

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