Soldier Forced to Leave His Dog in Iraq – See the Emotional Moment They’re Finally Reunited

You must have heard a soldier say, “leave no man behind.” Amongst all the fear and uncertainties of war, it’s the one thing that they can count on. So, when Ken Wyrsch had to come home without his friend, he was heartbroken. However, he was willing to do anything to bring his buddy back home.

Wyrsch was an Army Specialist in the United States Armed Forces. Moreover, he volunteered when recruitments were going on in 2016 to fight alongside the Kurdish Military against ISIS. There, he found someone he could turn to no matter how things were. It was Oli, a stray dog! The whole camp was in love with the unofficial mascot, but Wyrsh and Oli’s bond was unbreakable. So, when his team was disbanded, he was sad to leave the pup behind.

soldier adopts iraq puppy

Wyrsch could not stop thinking about him. So, he contacted SPCA International, and they agreed to help with the hand-off! Oli’s travel from Iraq to San Francisco began there. And surely, Wyrsch was there to pick him up at the airport! Furthermore, Wyrsch gets the most adorable greetings from Oli in the form of kisses! Watch the reunion between the best friends below:

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