Hundreds of Monkeys Block the Traffic in This Street the Reason Why Is Hilarious

Like humans, monkeys live in communities. They play with the members of their gangs and also take care of each other’s babies. Moreover, they even hold grudges, holding rivalry between other monkey communities, which can even turn aggressive! This usually happens when they’re scarce in food and cross over to the rival gang’s territory. And that is what happened in this instance.

As you may know, Corona Virus has caused chaos all over the world. The pandemic has forced people to stay indoors. Moreover, this means that usually crowded areas and tourist hotspots are now empty. Specifically, Thailand has half the tourists it typically has during this time of year. In the city of Lopburi, which is in the center of Thailand, tourists are responsible for keeping the gangs of monkeys fed. But because there aren’t any right now, they have resorted to finding scraps and other food to sustain themselves!

monkeys on the street

The three gangs of monkeys in the city reside in the temple and either side of the train tracks. On a sunny day, one of the monkeys seems to have found a banana. However, it doesn’t get a chance to enjoy the food as other apes track it down. Moreover, the other gangs also find out about the food and swarm to the streets chasing the poor primate. This forms a massive stampede on the roads with hundreds of monkey’s flooding in and blocking the traffic. Watch the whole video below:

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