Funny Labrador Retriever Knows Exactly How To Cool Off On Hot Day

Although we enjoy all the merits of a bright summer day, there are times, that the heat gets the best of us. Even our pets get weary on a hot and humid day; I mean, they are basically wearing a fur coat. Thankfully there are myriads to cool off—a sip of delicious ice cream or a dip in the water.

The same goes for our canine companions. One Labrador Retriever, in particular, has found just the right spot. In the clip below, Ace enjoys a dip in the pedestal water fountain. As the water around gradually falls on his hot fur and cools it down. But not every pup is lucky to jump off in a water fountain the minute they get hot.


If you ever see these lovely creatures down by the sun, there are many ways you can help them fight the heat. You can feed them water; hydration is the key. You can also get them a freezable chew toy or treat toys. Even most helpful are the cool tiles that just are the right temperature for the canines to rest. If you don’t have them, you can purchase a cooling mat that can come in handy. The easiest of them all, go for a refreshing dip.

Please press play and enjoy this entertaining clip.

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