Dogs Wait 9 Months for Baby Brother, Reaction When They Meet Him is Taking Internet by Storm

Dogs are the greatest gift mankind has ever received. They have been aptly named “man’s best friend” – just take a look at these adorable Weimaraner dogs, for example. These precious pups were beyond enthusiastic when they got a chance to welcome their new human sibling to the family. This video featuring “Frame the Weim”, his doggy sibling, and his new human sibling has gone viral on the internet.

The dogs noticed how their owner’s belly was getting bigger every day. Frame loved cuddling mom’s growing tummy and he clearly wanted to bond with his soon-to-be brother. The family from Barcelona, Spain, has shared lots of adorable pictures and videos of the trio on their Facebook and Instagram page.

Frame The Weim

The family finally welcomed a healthy baby. They trusted their dogs, but they also made sure to take their precautions. Weimaraner dogs aren’t aggressive and bond well with humans, but interacting with a newborn infant is risky without a doubt. So, the parents made some preparations. Before the baby boy was taken home, they introduced his smell to the dogs by bringing one of his blankets from the hospital. When the dogs were used the baby’s smell, they were soon welcoming the little one with fervor.

The parents have posted some incredible photos of the Weimaraner dogs and their tiny sibling on their page. And as you might have guessed, all of them are absolutely adorable. The pictures prove that the trio has already formed a very deep bond between each other. They love spending time together and they are almost inseparable.

The following footage has taken the internet by storm.

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