Man Plays Banjo for Attentive Wild Fox and He Comes Back for Encore Performance

Animals feel the beauty of music and art as much as humans do. It may seem a little odd and exaggerated when a person says this but this is nothing but a fact.

Andy is a Banjoist from Boulder Foothills, Colorado. This is one of the best banjoists in his area. He has had this talent since a very young age. Andy met a very unusual guest on one of his solo performances in a lonesome place. Now, it is quite obvious that the man has had many fans over the years.

However, this one fan stands out from the rest because he is not even a human. This unusual fan is a fox! The fox is very keen on listening to good music and Alex is one person who makes the animal feel good about his life. This shows the power of good music.

You can’t help but drop your jaws. Watch the full video below!

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