12-year-old Told His Woodworking Hobby Wasn’t Cool Then One Tweet Changed Everything

The internet has great power in today’s day and age. You never know what people have the potential for.

The internet can either bully you to give up on your dreams or help you get through all your fears with confidence and willpower. The story of this boy is not like any other that you may have heard. The boy is just 12 and possesses the talents even most adults don’t have. His specialty is woodworking.

He carves wood like he is an artisan. It is cool to see such a young person do something as difficult as woodworking. Gabriel’s love for the craft goes way back to when he was around three to four years old. His mother handed him a hammer owned by his grandfather and he hasn’t looked back since.

He is very inspiring. The boy deserves a lot of love! If you want to show him some, and all the suffering children in Ukraine, donate to his Just Giving fundraising page.

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