They Heard Something Unusual From the Fireplace But On Closer Look They Immediately Jumped to Action

Sometimes, funny incidents happen in your life and you just can’t help but wonder and laugh. This is one of the most wholesome videos on the internet.

This viral family was more than shocked and confused when they found an owl in their fireplace. The fireplace was actually in a situation they thought was a bit suspicious. Hence, they took a look at the place only to find something there. What is even funnier is that the owl was waving at them. But then again, it was stuck, and needed their help to get it out of there.


They felt bad that they didn’t know the poor owl was trapped in there and immediately called the RSPCA for help. “The family had been hearing noises from the chimney and fireplace for a few days but had no idea there was a bird trapped inside until he fell all the way to the bottom,” said Lauren Bailey, an inspector with the RSPCA, in the press release.

“He was very thin and covered in soot so he’d obviously been stuck for some time,” Bailey said.

Everybody is so thankful that the owl was spotted and taken to the wildlife hospital, where he is recovering well.
He’ll be released back into the wild as soon as he’s fully recovered, and maybe he’ll remember to avoid chimneys in the future.

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