Camera Catches This Shoplifter Trying to Steal Chainsaw by Hiding it in her Pants

Isn’t it strange that some people tend to steal stuff from others and think it is all just fine? Well, this is one of the worse mistakes they could commit.

This video will shock you in every way possible. Nothing in this world will make you feel angrier than watching something take something that does not belong to them. Like this shoplifter. The audacity of this woman will anger you in every way possible. How can someone do this to a hardworking shopkeeper after all?

It is all so unfair. This woman attempted to steal over $1,200 worth of items, including a battery-powered chainsaw, from Idaho Lumber in Hailey, ID. Even when clearly caught in the act, she still tried to leave the store with the chainsaw stuffed into her pants. The audacity of this woman is almost unbelievable.

Make sure you check her video. Watch the full video below!

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