Man Befriends a Bear Over the Years But One Day She Brings Adorable New Visitors

You will meet a lot of friends in your life. Making a friend is not an easy job.

You need lots of trusts and genuine feelings to consider someone your friend. Even humans cannot trust just any humans to be their friends. But, what makes someone gain your trust? Well, a genuine and kind heart is enough to do so. This bear recognized the good in this man when she met him for the first time four years ago and after four years of friendship, she decided to make him meet her cubs.

The bear just randomly came to the man’s porch with her cubs. The cubs are just so adorable and they were also comfortable having the man around them. If this doesn’t melt your heart I really don’t know what will. The man should not fear his friend and the bear does not have to be afraid of the man either.

This is heartwarming. Watch the full video below!

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