At First, It Looked Like a Filthy Natural Pond. Then I Looked Closer and…now I Want One in My Backyard

Swimming pools are a blessing. What can beat taking a refreshing plunge on a scorching summer day? Don’t we all wish we could have it in our homes? Most of us hold back because of the cost and maintenance hassle. However, this guy designed a completely natural pool right in his backyard. The clever tricks he uses to do so are worth noting.

He built a natural pool in his backyard, which he likes to call “the wild pool.” There is a shallow swimming area in the center, and plants surround it. No specialized contractors, chemical pesticides, or heavy commercial burdens were required. Moreover, the pond is cleaned naturally by the plants and animals present around the pool. He uses solar energy to regulate and maintain the flow of the water. The result? It is as good as it sounds. A stunning environment-friendly pool you can access every day. 

natural pool

Don’t you just want to dive? I hope he inspired you to get digging. He certainly encouraged me. 

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