This Doggo Has the Sweetest Response When His Owner Let Go of His Hand

Holding hands is a small gesture that people do to show love for one another. Moreover, its something that couples do all the time when starting their life together. However, as time goes by, people forget how nice it is to hold your partner’s hands. But this dog is making sure that her needs are met whenever she sits in the car!

Lucy, the golden retriever mix, loves both her humans. But you can see a clear preference when she races with Carissa to sit in the front seat with Jacob. And what she does next shows that the funny dog is up to no good!

lucy holding hands

When the driver reaches his hands on the stick shift, Lucy lightly places her hand on top of his. Moreover, this her indication that she wants to hold hands. And when Jacob does hold her hand, she throws a cheeky glance at the woman back seat! But this naughty move makes Carissa burst out in laughter. Watch the hilarious video below:

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