Summer is around the block, and pretty soon, it will be time for some sun tanning. However, due to the impact of the pandemic and its waves that countries are facing. It will be a long time before we walk into crowded pools or beaches. So, how can we enjoy the incoming summer?

We do have an option for indoor pools, but they usually don’t come in cheap. Another alternative is a DIY swimming pool. Have you ever heard about the hay bales-inspired swimming pool? If you haven’t, well, it’s your lucky day. This could go on your project board for this summer.

All you need is:

  • Bales of hay
  • Heavy-duty tarp
  • Heavy-duty tape or rope
  • Water

First thing first, you need to secure the location you want your pool in, although it’s a DIY project the end result will be heavy for a lot of moving. Once that’s out of the way. Lay the bales of hay the way you desire. Now use the tarp to cover it up and fasten it with the rope. Now all that remains is to add water. Please press play and enjoy this easy project this summer.

Kindly share this innovative idea with your loved ones.