The Story of these Two Feral Cats will Warm Your Heart

This is a great story of love and companionship in the feline world.  It’s the kind of love those of us farther up the food chain would do well to emulate.

The photographer tells us the story of Sad Boy and Lola, two feral cats she has fed and cared for over the past year.  She met Sad Boy first, but a short time later came across Lola on her neighbor’s property.  While Sad Boy was unwilling to give up the outside life, Lola was more amenable and they moved her inside.

Feral Cats in Love

But Lola’s move had inadvertently separated her from her love, Sad Boy, and both cats began to show signs of physical distress.  You have to see how strong the bond is between these cats when they are finally reunited.

This is amazing. Watch the full video from the Dodo below!

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