Giant “Goliath” Spider Grows to Truly Scary Size

Spiders may give some of you the creeps, but hey: it’s getting close to Halloween in the USA.  Arachnids can be our friends in October!

This short video gives you an idea of how a Goliath birdeater, the world’s largest spider by mass and body length, grows from big to gigantic–up to 12″ (30 cm) leg span! It’s a member of the tarantula family, but good news guys: the female doesn’t eat the male during mating!

The name “bird eater” came from an 18th-century engraving by Maria Sibylla Merian of a tarantula eating a hummingbird (although bird eating is not part of their regular diet). They’re also not interested in eating humans, regardless of what month it is.

Check out this short video for a glimpse of Goliath. Watch the full video below!

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